UT Booklets

Speak Easy Brewery

This Speak Easy Brewery line was inspired by the different personalities some people may develop while enjoying a nice cold bottle of beer, while also creating a fun and interest way to communicate those personalities. Each beer displays a single personality ranging from the sick one to the angry one. Illustrated animal are displayed on […]

Lone Justice: Straneous Perspective

Lone Justice is a country-rock band that is making a come back. The band originally broke up due to some creative differences. This tour addresses the multiple perspectives that put a strain on the band and ultimately led up to their separation. Inspiration for the designs were based off of the Rochester inkblot test. People […]

ZooTampa at Lowry Park Ad

United Rebranded

Everyone hates flying. For most people, they expect that something unfavorable will happen. Whether it’s due to delays or how much they’ll have to pay for baggage. One thing that people don’t expect, however, is assault. Sadly, for one passenger that’s exactly what happened. Ever since the incident of a doctor being dragged off of […]


Speax is a women’s underwear company that designs stylish and comfortable underwear to help women who experience incontinence. These bladder leak protective underwear are washable and more cost-effective. Speax aims to bring back the confidence to women who might otherwise feel self-conscious. These underwear are offered in multiple styles with a selection of a few […]


WY•RD is a misophonia awareness campaign that was designed with the hopes of getting the disorder onto the DSM-5. The DSM-5 is the official government guide to all clinically recognized mental disorders and conditions. Misophonia was discovered by Pawell and Margarett Jasterboff back in 2001 while they were studying patients with Tinnitus. During their research, […]


Cardno is an infrastructure, environmental, and science company that aims to make a difference for the environment, animals, and people that live in it! The work created for Cardno spanned across different forms of marketing materials including but not limited to brochures, service disciple sheets, seed packet design, social media, website graphics, signage, and more! […]


A design firm that builds with the community in mind and reaches for a more sustainable future for not only the people but the environment we live in. The digital program was designed to showcase all the brilliant minds within Stantec and invite others to attend their presentations to learn about their innovative ideas. As […]