UT Booklets

These booklets were chosen by the president of The University of Tampa, Ronald L. Vaughn. They were originally created for the pop art themed Minaret Dinner. Instead, they were chosen to be gifts for an investor’s dinner in the year 2020. Each one of these booklets utilizes the styling of three famous pop artists and intermingles with the university’s elements.

Andy Warhol

The red booklet features the iconic imagery of a soup can, which was famously used by Warhol himself. Unlike Warhol’s who chose to keep Campbell’s branding in his imagery, this booklet replaces it with elements closely associated with the university. These elements include the name of the university, mention of the mascot, and minaret silhouette.

Roy Lichtenstein

Another famous styling that came from the pop art era came from comic books. This styling commonly used in Lichtenstein’s work. Much like his work, this blue booklet uses action words to provoke emotion. The use of lines and shapes helps to emphasize the power of the words as they explode out from behind the university symbol. This was done to communicate how great The University of Tampa is.

Keith Haring

Haring is famous for his signature doodle-like style. More specifically, his use of dancing figures. On the cover of this yellow booklet, the same style of figures can be seen surrounding a minerat. Which is an important identifier for The University of Tampa. The figures are arranged in such a way that it looks as if they are praising the minerat, elevating the university to a heavenly status.