Lone Justice: Straneous Perspective

Lone Justice is a country rock band that is making a come back. The band originally broke up due to some creative differences. This tour addresses the multiple perspectives that put a strain on the band and ultimately led up to their separation. Inspiration for the designs were based off of the Rochester ink blot test. People look at these ink blots and what is seen can vary between individuals, much like how the band was perceived themselves. These ink blots were then arrange in various ways to create shapes with shapes themselves. Thus creating and changing the perspectives in which the ink blots are perceived.


Final Designs


Style Evolution

As many artist know the first design isn’t usually the best design. Here we can see the different stages of the creative process of creating a design based off challenging the viewers perspective. There is exploration of color and depth as the designs progress. Once the final design was reached the colors were dialed back to better communicate country rock music, yet still using the depth and orientation being explored from earlier attempts

From Ink To Digital

Some things are easier to create by hand than by computers. Each ink blot was created by placing different dots and lines of Indian ink onto watercolor paper, folding it in half, and reopening them to reveal magical patterns within. After creating several ink blots the most interesting designs were then scanned and used in the designs seen above.