United Rebranded

Everyone hates flying. For most people, they expect that something unfavorable will happen. Whether it’s due to delays or how much they’ll have to pay for baggage. One thing that people don’t expect, however, is assault. Sadly, for one passenger that’s exactly what happened. Ever since the incident of a doctor being dragged off of a United Airlines aircraft. This incident was caught on camera and posted to social media. Unfortunately for United, the video went viral. Forever changing how the company is perceived by the public.

Brand Audit

It quickly became clear that United needed to rebrand. in order to create an effect rebranding, the first step is to research the company and their competition. This would help identify what area’s the brand could improve on to stand out from the competitors. United’s previous brand was generic and basic. The voice and tone of the brand was intimidating and stern. With the PR instances regarding the safety of passengers, this personality would not improve their identity. Keeping this brand identity would only enforce the aggressive and unsafe perception the company has now developed.

*The logo, colors, and typefaces are property of United Airlines © 2019. The items used are for educational purposes only with no intent to sell.

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Friendlier United

After reviewing the results found during the audit it was decided that United needed a fresher and friendlier look. When compared to their competitors United’s previous branded blended in with the crowd rather than extended from it. The goal was to change the stained perception of the brand with more welcoming colors and typefaces. The new United was designed to be
more welcoming, inclusive, and
above all else FRIENDLY.

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