MTV Ad Campaign

This ad campaign was designed for the MTV VMAs. The inspiration from the ad campaign came from the past ad campaigns MTV has used in the past. Particularly the ads they had used during the 2015 VMAs with host Miley Cyrus. In this 2015 campaign, MTV had used minimal design and flat colors. When creating this campaign the use of flat colors implemented, but instead of using one color multiple colors are used. The decision to use multiple colors was made in order to communicate the different genres within the music itself. Those who not only attend the VMA but are nominated for awards are all unique to themselves and their music. Naturally, it made sense to use different colors for each ad to reflect that. The colors chosen were purposely chosen to be bright and vibrant. This was because most of the people who would be interested in watching the VMAs would most likely
be the younger generation. In order to catch the attention of the youth
bright colors were chosen because they would be fun and energetic.
The explosive text use within this campaign was created with
3D printed materials, photographed, and inserted into each ad design.
The treatment of this explosive typography adds motion and excitement
to a design that is minimalist in nature

*The award show name is property of MTV © 2019 and Camila Cabello maintains all rights to her person. The items used are for educational purposes only with no intent to sell.

Final Designs

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